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  1. Watched it last night. Great job mate, interesting, funny, inspiring, honest and you come across as the good all round bloke we have got to know.


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  2. Thanks Beau. Leigh and I watch it last night. We are just so proud and amazed by the progress you continue to make. Mum (Maree) keep us up to date with how we your coaching is going. Meliah

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    1. Thanks for the message Meliah, I’ve only just seen it now. Trying to get the blog back up and going. I hope you guys are well. Hopefully catch you again soon

  3. Beau, I watched your interview on Open Mike on August 17, – what an inspirational story. I have followed your story through the Footy Shop and to see your Open Mike interview reinforced to me that your grit and determination has helped you over the previous years.. You are a great role model not just for people with a disability but for everyone. Your attitude that your misfortune is not going to stop you achieving, shows through with your determination. I am sure that you will succeed within your sport and life in general.

    1. Thanks Jeanette. I was very fortunate to play football as a youngster and learnt some very good determination,work ethic, and other skills that have held me in good stead since hurting myself.The continuous support of everyone around me pushes me to keep trying new things. Thanks for the message

  4. Hello Beau
    Just listened to your interview on Open Mike-you are a great role model for people who have their lives changed in a physical way. You are a fighter and despite your disability I can see that you will challenge anything that is ahead of you. I am so disappointed I did not get to our AGM for the MSA-Mildura where you were the guest speaker, I heard you were amazing. All the best for the future ahead of you and congratulations on your determination, example and attitude that you demonstrate to our world.
    Kind regards
    Rhonda Allan (Project Officer)
    Mallee Sports Assembly-Wycheproof office.

    1. Hi Rhonda,

      Thanks very much for the message and kind words. It was great to speak at Sports award night, it was a great night and I had the opportunity to meet some really fantastic people. Hopefully I will be up that way to speak again at an event.

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