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November 12, 2012


First time in the pool

by Beau Vernon

Baby steps towards getting back into water sports. Such as bodyboarding and kayaking.
7th of November

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  1. Darren oneill
    Nov 12 2012

    Hi mate have faith in your own self . You have the ability to heal yourself. Which you are well on the way to. My mum had cancer and I went with her to the specialist in st vinnies melb he gave her the news that it was in operatable and it could be weeks or months my sisters and my step dad my mum all broke we worked out I made up some crap so I could go back in. I put him on the spot and said hey you made them all cry and gave no real clue to possible survival. I asked him have you seen anyone survive any thing like this. He answered no. I thank him for his honesty and replied my mum is tough as she will show you it’s possible.mum done the treatment and seven years later still not a cancer cell. I suggest you begin writing your book titled getting back on the have a communities faith behind you not pity. Think of the chair as an upper body work out you were to lazy to do so your legs are forcing your arms to muscle up. Create your own reality. Your the captain of your destiny won’t even be miracle because I’ll be able to say told you so.


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