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March 22, 2016



by Beau Vernon

Welcome Layla Jean Vernon – Born 12.3.16

Baby Layla

Wow! It’s amazing how in love you can be with someone at first sight. I think it would have to be the best moments of my life when Lucy was handed our baby – umbilical chord still attached – I went and put my head on Lucy’s shoulder, we lift up the chord and realise we have just had a baby girl and Lucy says in a soft voice, ‘hello little Layla’.

Geez we are lucky!

I have been doing a lot of motivational speaking engagements lately which has prompted me to think about and do research around why some people are happier and more resilient than others.

How can I be happy despite being in a situation that I absolutely hate. I have discovered there are a number of reasons and one of these is being grateful for what you have got.

I try and put myself in a range of other peoples shoes and say, we are lucky to have a kid because a lot of people cant. Lucky I have a fully functioning brain, because a lot of people don’t. Lucky I was born into a great family, because a lot of people aren’t. Lucky I live in a great country like Australia. Those things are luck but to think about how lucky I am to have them is my choice.

Yes my legs and fingers don’t work and that’s just the beginning and it’s bloody tough at times, but everyone has their own challenges in life. If it is true that you only live one life then I am going to try and make the most of it no matter what situation I am thrown.
So when you are struggling a bit in life, think about the things you do have in life and continue to remind yourself on a daily basis.Laying on the grodund w Layla

I am so grateful for the beautiful new girl and for my strong, loving wife who breezed through pregnancy. I try and put myself in other peoples shoes who cant have babies and feel so lucky, and when Layla is up all night and can’t sleep or is having a tantrum I will think that at least I have the opportunity to have a kid with someone I love, because not everyone can.


Written by:

Beau Vernon – Living with Quadriplegia since June 2012

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  1. Mar 22 2016

    Lovely news – congratulations to you all – loved the Gratitude story.

  2. Sharon Allen
    Mar 22 2016

    Beau, I am so happy for you both and I can’t wait to meet your precious little gift.

  3. Lee-Ann Moore
    Mar 22 2016

    You truly are an inspiration. That is the most moving and beautiful post l have read in a very long time. Your family should feel very proud and your wife and beautiful Layla are very lucky girls 💕💕💕

  4. Mary Bourke
    Mar 22 2016

    Beautiful thoughts and so very happy to be a part of your lives. We are proud of the three of you!
    Grandpa and Grandma Bourke xx

  5. Marcus
    Mar 23 2016

    Hey Champ, Gia and I am so happy for you and Lucy on the birth of Layla. Such a deserving couple you are..I love you mate and the fantastic inspiring work that you continue to do… you are a true warrior with a strong heart of gold… you for one always are in my thoughts especially when Im having a crappy day… and I think to myself to how lucky i am to have what I have.. I really look forward to catching up with you guys soon and meeting beautiful little Layla!!! Congratulations guys!!! love to you both..Marcus and Gia XXX

    • Mar 24 2016

      Hey Marcus,
      Cheers for the lovely message mate. I really appreciate it.
      I have always appreciated you taking me under your wing a bit when I first got out of rehab.
      I hope you and Gia are well, and hopefully can catch up soon… It’s been too long.


  6. Roslyn stock
    Mar 23 2016

    congratulations beau and Lucy on your beautiful daughter! ! your post is one of the most moving and inspirational I have ever read! Thank you! ros stock

    • Mar 24 2016

      Hey Ros,

      Thanks very much for the message. Luce and I have just moved back to San Remo so I might see you around a bit more now 🙂
      I hope you guys are well.

  7. Heather Gillings
    May 12 2016

    Hi Beau. I stumbled across your story on FB. I have now tried to read all I could find about your story. I’m genuinely blown away by your attitude, positivity and determination to achieve, grow, improve and strive to be the BEST you possibly can be. What a champion you are. Congratulations on your baby girl – what a blessing, joy and treasure she will add to your lives. Will continue to follow your story and am confident you will continue to inspire! Wishing you all the very best – you certainly deserve it. Xo Xo Xo 🙂

    • Jun 20 2016

      Hi Heather, thanks for the message and very kind words. I really appreciate all the support I receive from family, friends and people I don’t even know. All the very best to you as well. 🙂

  8. Ruby Ginnivan
    Jun 14 2016

    Beau this is so beautifully written & very inspiring. This actually made me cry. You are amazing, Lucy and Layla are both so lucky to have you. Xxx

    • Jun 20 2016

      Hey Ruby, I don’t know what to say other than thanks so much for the message. I hope you are going really well, and hopefully will see you around soon.


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