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ABC 7 30 Report


Making a Difference

– 1 in 6 people in the world live with a disability.
– Australia rates 21 out of 29 OECD countries for Disability employment rates.
– Australia ranks 27 out of 27 OECD countries for people with a disability at risk of living in poverty.
– In the U.S 27% of people with a disability are employed compared with 75% without a disability.

These numbers (particularly the Australian ones) annoy me so much. How can Australia, this beautiful country of ours, rank so low. It’s not right and you can make a difference.

Yes, people with a disability have their weaknesses…… Just like everyone else (Sorry dad but you struggle with technology). But gee a lot of people with a disability have unbelievable strengths. Strengths that we need to start to recognise.

So why is the person on the left far more likely to be employed than the person writing this article on the right?

I think some major reasons are:
– Putting limitations on people rather than looking at what they can do.
– People are scared, not knowing what to say to someone with a disability. (I used to be you, word of advice, be yourself and treat them as you would anyone else).
– I think it’s a lack of knowledge around the benefits that someone with a disability can bring to your workforce.
– Also a lack of knowledge around the support for employing someone with a disability.

In 2012 a sporting accident left me with quadriplegia. I have limited upper body use, no movement in my fingers, and no movement from my chest down. I spent 8 months in hospital and couldn’t return to my previous job as a tradesman.

Sitting at home by myself after getting out of rehabilitation was one of the worst and best experiences of my life. I felt: 




I felt less of a person

Looking back on that, I don’t think it was because I was now a quadriplegic, I think it was because I lacked meaning and purpose in my life. I didn’t have a job, I couldn’t play footy, I had no structure and purpose to get up in the morning.

I think everyone that hasn’t had a job or something meaningful in their life has felt these emotions before… Whether you have a disability or not.

I was fortunate enough that Clay Mackinnon at the AFL looked past what I couldn’t do and looked at what I could bring to the organisation and gave me a job. There is 3 things that benefit from employing someone with a disability that I’d like to look at:

  1. The Disabled person, their family and friends.
  2. The organisation.
  3. Society.

The disabled person, their family and friends.

It gives the person meaning, purpose, makes them feel they are a part of a team, makes them feel valued and that they are a contributing member of society. It has a flow on affect to their family who are proud of their achievements (I was lucky to see a dad crying the other day about his sons achievements in getting a job).

There is no way I could be doing the things that I am today without that first opportunity. That opportunity has allowed me to be more confident, and live a happy life. I’m now a Senior coach of Phillip Island Football team (In my 4 years as coach I have been in 4 Grand Finals and won 2), I do a lot of motivational speaking, I am a director of Interact Australia a disability company that provides Disability Employment Services and Community Service for disabled (I also work in the organisation as well), I am a National Youth Mental Health Advocate for Headspace, I am involved in the Robert Rose Foundation and Wings for Life World Run. I have a wife and 2 kids, I surf on a powered surfboard, play golf in a stand up chair, I live a good life which allows my family to be happier. And if not for that first opportunity I doubt I’d live half the life I live today.

There is no doubt that in life we are happier when we do things for others than if we do them for ourselves. Give someone with a disability a go and it’ll benefit you just as much as anyone. 

The organisation:

When it comes to profitability, more disability inclusive companies revenues were 28% higher, and profit margins were higher by 30%.

But its way more than that. The company experiences a better culture, morale goes up, people gain a better perspective on life, it creates a connectedness amongst the group (see video posted at the end), it teaches people more about resiliency.

Before I had my injury, there would be days I’d go to work not wanting to go and dragging my feet. People with a disability have learnt to appreciate work, and understand it is a privilege and not a chore, they come in with a massive smile on their face thankful for the opportunity, and I have no doubt that rubs off on the rest of the organisation. 

People with a disability have less sick days, and are more loyal to their organisation.


There is no doubt I am a better person because I have been exposed to different disabilities over the last 6-7 years.

One of the reasons why people with a disability aren’t employed, is because people are nervous and uncomfortable around what is foreign to them. We need to get more people with disabilities out in the workforce so that people are exposed to these wonderful people and feeling more comfortable. As mentioned before being exposed to different backgrounds, cultures, disabilities, gives you a better perspective on life, it creates a better connectedness in Australia, it makes you appreciate the things in your life that little bit more. Since hurting myself I have been very lucky to go to different events with a wide range of disabilities; Intellectual, Autism, Deaf, blind, emotional, physical etc. and I always leave those days with a massive smile on my face and feeling of happiness. Because I take a step (wheel 🙂 ) back and look at all these people who have endured so much in their lives, so much hardship, so much set back, and they have a massive smile on their face and appreciate the things they have. I am a better person because of being exposed to those days and people. 


A big thing for companies is thinking that they want to be more inclusive etc but they don’t know how, or their workplace isn’t appropriate. Well there are plenty of supports out there.
I work for Interact Australia which can assist you in employing someone with a disability and if you like what you see in this article please go on to their website Or get in contact with myself. I am so passionate about the area. 

Companies don’t understand that they have these supports out there for them (For Free). Someone like Interact can assist you with things like:

Recruitment Phase

  • Job analysis and job descriptions
  • Advertising the job to our pool of candidates
  • Screen, interview and shortlist suitable candidates (There are many different disabilities)

Employment Phase

  • Negotiation of wage subsidies (Up to$1500)
  • Delivery of diversity training to existing workforce
  • Provide advice on workplace modifications to support your new employee in the work environment. (Employee Assistance Program provides 100% of funds to allow the employed person with a disability access to your workplace)
  • On the job support for your new employer, and their team.
  • Discuss best practice for induction programs, buddying, mentoring, flexible work environments and training for all employees.

Now lets think about that person with Quadriplegia and limited upper body use (lets call them Beau). If I close my eyes and think about Beau, I would think that there is no way that Beau could do anything for themselves or others, or that they could be happy. There is no way that I think Beau, could coach senior grade footy and have 6 other jobs. There is no way that I think Beau, could surf with a powered surfboard, play golf in a stand up chair, be married and have kids.

There are many different disabilities and you need to get the right person with the right strengths for your organisation. But we need to stop looking at what people can’t do, and what they can.

If we can do that then we are going to create a pretty unreal organisation and society.

No one can create connectedness like someone with a disability. Watch this video. There is no way an able body person could have this effect. Lets raise the bar on what people with a disability can do and support them to do it. You won’t regret it.


Article in ‘The Age’

A nice article in The Age by Greg Baum.


Triple M Hot Breakfast Interview

Lead up to team 22 Event



Welcome Layla Jean Vernon – Born 12.3.16

Baby Layla

Wow! It’s amazing how in love you can be with someone at first sight. I think it would have to be the best moments of my life when Lucy was handed our baby – umbilical chord still attached – I went and put my head on Lucy’s shoulder, we lift up the chord and realise we have just had a baby girl and Lucy says in a soft voice, ‘hello little Layla’.

Geez we are lucky!

I have been doing a lot of motivational speaking engagements lately which has prompted me to think about and do research around why some people are happier and more resilient than others.

How can I be happy despite being in a situation that I absolutely hate. I have discovered there are a number of reasons and one of these is being grateful for what you have got.

I try and put myself in a range of other peoples shoes and say, we are lucky to have a kid because a lot of people cant. Lucky I have a fully functioning brain, because a lot of people don’t. Lucky I was born into a great family, because a lot of people aren’t. Lucky I live in a great country like Australia. Those things are luck but to think about how lucky I am to have them is my choice.

Yes my legs and fingers don’t work and that’s just the beginning and it’s bloody tough at times, but everyone has their own challenges in life. If it is true that you only live one life then I am going to try and make the most of it no matter what situation I am thrown.
So when you are struggling a bit in life, think about the things you do have in life and continue to remind yourself on a daily basis.Laying on the grodund w Layla

I am so grateful for the beautiful new girl and for my strong, loving wife who breezed through pregnancy. I try and put myself in other peoples shoes who cant have babies and feel so lucky, and when Layla is up all night and can’t sleep or is having a tantrum I will think that at least I have the opportunity to have a kid with someone I love, because not everyone can.


Written by:

Beau Vernon – Living with Quadriplegia since June 2012


Baby on Board

I am hoping to start back up my website and keep it regularly updated. I thought of no better way to kick things off then to let those that dont know, Lucy and I are expecting our first child in March!!! Yay, I feel so privileged and excited, Lucy is going to be the best Mum and I can’t wait for the next chapter of our lives.

Due to my circumstances of being in a chair, Luce and I had to go through the expensive IVF process, and were very fortunate it worked first time. We have one frozen egg left but because Lucy wants a million children we probably will have to go through the full process again. I do ask Lucy how we are going to get anywhere with a wheelchair and a million kids but she seems to think it will be fine.
Lucy got a call on a Saturday, we were playing away at Bairnsdale, and at half time she gave me the thumbs up from a distance, I wasn’t sure if this meant she had won netball, or well done to me (we were up by about 10 goals at half time and the team was playing very well), or she was pregnant. haha. It was the latter, which I didn’t find out until a couple hours later.

20 week scan
We are currently 23 weeks pregnant, that is a photo of our 20 week scan. We didn’t find out what we are having but the dry cleaner man told us we are going to have a girl….. So he must know! haha
Not knowing what we are having makes for more time trying to come up with names. I seem to have a special knack for ruining every name we come up with. I think my name game will work best like my homework use to… Last minute.
Lucy has been very fortunate that she has had no morning sickness and her energy levels have been quite good. She played in the B grade netball Grand Final which they won (Go Leongatha) when she was 13 weeks pregnant, she had to be moved out to wing defence because she couldn’t get off the ground to rebound in goal defence. She blamed this on being pregnant but I blamed it on Lucy thinking she could eat as much as she wanted as soon as she found out she was pregnant.
So the next 17 weeks I am hoping to do a lot of planning to see how I am going to get actively involved with our child. Lucy has come across a company called ‘Solve disability solutions’ who are a voluntary service that assist in modifying equipment for people with disabilities.
At work they have a count down to the first AFL game of the year. It’s the exact same date our baby is due. 118 days to go! Cant wait to meet you bun!

Open Mike – Fox Footy

For anyone that has asked me for a link to the open mike interview, here it is.



Channel 9 news story


Senior Football Coach of Leongatha

I’m really proud and excited to have been announced as the senior coach of the Leongatha Football Club.

It’s a big challenge ahead, but one which I’m really looking forward to.
I’ve always been one to study the game and have probably always know that one day I would coach. If it wasn’t for my injury I would probably be putting my hand up to coach the side now as a playing coach. And why should being in a chair change that.10632856_468300173309980_8744438931762410742_n
Leongatha has a proud club history winning at least one premiership in every decade since the 1920’s. The club has missed the finals for the last 2 seasons and I’m looking forward to playing my part in getting Leongatha back up the ladder where we belong. Two current day players to have come from Leongatha are Jarryd Roughead and Dyson Heppell.
One of my main aims is to build a strong club culture, one which gets the best out of players on and off the field, and which has a big focus on developing local junior players.

Europe Vacation


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOver the winter University holidays Lucy and I went to Europe for a month. We did a week in each of Ireland (mostly Dublin), London, Amsterdam, Paris and 2 days in Dubai. We had an absolute ball, none of which

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwas captured on IMG_1104OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcamera due to our terrible photography skills.
Im not sure what my favourite place was, probably Dublin as it gave us a chance to catch up with a couple of our best mates who live over there.
Accessibility wise it wasn’t to bad, we knew we were going to have difficulties and if your prepared for that then its ok. Hardest thing was probably finding disabled toilets. Im very fortunate I am able to get around in a manual wheelchair as a
lot more planning would need to be done if your in an electric chair.IMG_1140