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Going to the gym

If you didn’t catch this video going around a while ago then check it out.
I really enjoyed going to the gym back in the day, and its nice that I’m still able to. I love keeping fit, and even though I struggle getting my heart rate up, Its nice to get that feeling of doing a big work out.
I find keeping fit great for everyones mental health, if you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression I would highly recommend getting involved at a gym or a sporting club.

The video was entered into the ‘Focus on Ability’ short film competition and was the winner in the Corporate Film category. You Me Us did the video and it is great exposure for them, a group that aims to achieve inclusion within the community.


I’m Back

Sorry it’s taken me so long to put something up on my blog,
I’ve been keeping busy with my first semester back at uni, helping out at football, planning a wedding, amongst other things.
I am hoping that over the summer break I can stick at doing the blog, and show some videos of my progression towards becoming independent, which has been achieved.

It was really good for my mental state to go back to uni and have something to get up for in the mornings.
I started a business degree back when I was 19 and quit half way through because I couldn’t handle sitting still.
I still don’t like sitting still and study is something that bores me at times, but I think this is the best way for me to get out in the workforce and where I want to be.
I was totally independent at uni, I used a splint to help me write which was made by my OT, I jumped on the train to uni and RMIT Is very accessible.
I went pretty well in my results for the semester but at times studying definitely made me think of how much I missed working with the blokes painting.

I went back to my footy team and helped out this year as an assistant coach.
I helped out on the bench and had a large involvement in rotations, I got the game video recorded and did an analysis of the game which I showed to the boys on Thursday nights, also on Thursday nights I would take the under 16s and 18s for weights.
The club and players were kind enough to give me and Lucy a trip to Queensland for helping out this year, it’s pretty reflective of the club. We are going in December, it will be our first trip since I hurt myself.

Other things I’ve been up to is self catheterising, I started doing it last week, it’s been pretty hard to start off wit but I’m sure it will get easier and easier. This allows me to get rid of the leg bag and have no tubing come out of me. Its hard work and not many quadriplegics of my level of injury do it, but its what I wanted to do.

I got my license today, they tease you a bit, you have passed the driving assessment now wait 72 hours until its processed. I want to go for a drive on my own now. Can’t wait to be back on the road and be able to do what I want when I want.
I was thrown in the deep end the other week when my driving instructor got me to drive back to Phillip island which is an hour and a half drive. This was the first time I had been on a road with other cars.

I have done a couple of public speaking gigs during the year, I get pretty nervous talking in front of crowds, but over time that will get better and better. I think it is something that I want to keep doing and pursue as I feel that I can have a positive influence on people.
Over summertime I hope to get into hand cycling (I have ordered one) my goal would be to achieve a marathon, some wheelchair rugby, get in the water  down at Phillip Island and be doing bigger and better things.

Should check out this link to a powered surfboard.

Im rambling a bit, so I’ll get going, I’m off to watch Luce in her netball grand final, hopefully she’ll put on a clinic for me.

If you would like to know or see a video on anything, don’t hesitate to email me at




the romantic coming out

On wednesday the 10th of April Lucy and I got engaged.
After 8 1/2 adventurous years Filled with plenty of highs and lows I eventually asked the most amazing girl to marry  me.I am so lucky to have someone so special in my life and cant wait to spend the rest of my life with her.

we are both so stoked and can’t wait to celebrate with everyone!


First time body boarding since my accident

Back in the waves for the first time since my accident 8 1/2 months ago. Just at smiths beach on Phillip Island in some small waves.
Only bigger and better things to come.


Being home

I moved back home a week and a half ago now. Its great to be out of rehab (away from that hospital environment) and moving forward with my new life.

Its had its ups and downs. The downs have been obviously getting use to life in the chair. Its been hard trying to find activities to do ( especially on the week ends), because at the moment Im not sure of the things I can do and I feel bad asking mates to do things because I feel like a bit of a burden to them. On the week end I was sitting there not sure what to do because in the past I would of gone surfing, played tennis, kicked the footy at least been outdoors doing something and it was upsetting that I wasn’t sure what I could do. I know this will all get better when I eventually get/think of some equipment to do things.

The ups are that I am continually challenging myself and am getting better at the day to day things, such as getting myself up in the morning and my morning routine, dressing myself, my endurance and strength in the chair, I got myself into the car for the first time the other day with no slide board, I also got my wheels off and folded my chair up and got that into and out of the car all by myself. I have been going around my local town of Newhaven (3.1kms) in my chair, My best time running it back in the day was 10 minutes 05 seconds, the first time I did it in my chair it took me 1 hour, next time it took me 43 minutes then last time it took me 39 minutes.

I am continually getting better and that is keeping a smile on my face.


World disabled darts

Recently I have joined the world disability darts association as a board member. The main man Russell Strobel has come up with the idea of a rotating board (The wildfire 137 dart frame) as shown in the video. It allows people in wheelchairs to compete fairly against able body people by having a board that is lower than the normal height of a dart board.
Being in a chair(especially quadriplegics) I rely on other people to do a lot of things, having the lower dart board allows me to go fetch the darts myself which gives me one more thing to add to the list of things that I can do myself.

If you can not hold a dart then there is another option of the satellite board. This board is suitable for higher levels of quads and higher disabilities. It can also be played by blind people. It is an addictive game one that can be enjoyed by the whole family.
I hope to get a video up soon of the satellite board
If anyone has any questions you can contact me on youtube
visit my blog or
go to the website

Beau Vernon C5-C6 SCI Quadriplegic. No finger movement or triceps


Back in the ocean

Was really good times to get back home in the water on a 40 degree day.

was so relaxing and felt so nice to stretch out my body.


A few photos


Trialling a Handcycle

Having a look at different options of handcylcles before I purchase one.
looking forward to getting into it and building up some fitness.

Beau Vernon C5-C6 SCI Quadriplegic


Getting my cricket game on

practicing for next christmas eve cricket game, reckon I have a few of the boys covered already.

Not bad catching for a bloke that can’t move his fingers…. If I do say so myself.
Beau Vernon C5-C6 SCI Quadriplegic