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Introduction to my blog

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  1. Michael Giles
    Apr 4 2013

    Nice section on the wave!
    Hey, I was just wondering Beau if you’ve looked at the various adaptive snow ski programs around, especially in the US and Canada. I met a guy up at Mt Hotham last year who did an intensive program in the US last year and was skiing like a champ at Hotham later in the year. It’s a pretty exhilerating sport and one I feel sure would offer great potential for you. I’ll have a chat next time I see you. Regards Michael Giles (old Island surfer, now at the Sentinel-Times).

  2. Brett Stammers
    Apr 4 2013

    Hey Beau . Just wanted to say your a champion. Read the article in the sun today and you inspire me mate. In life we deal with what we get and the only way is up. I have had 2 spine fusions in my kneck . Lucky for me I am ok. Did it surfing in Bali 14 years ago . I could tell you some good stories about that one but I won’t bore you. Good luck mate. I will watch your blog. Regards Brett

  3. Liz O'Bryan
    Apr 5 2013

    You are a remarkable young man your family should be proud of you I will be following your blog with my 3 footy mad sons cheers Liz from jan juc

  4. Joe Rule
    Aug 18 2015

    Beau, just saw your story on open mike. I’m a Navy PT, I broke C5 in an accident instructing self defence. A little bit innocuous really, I took a fall that I’ve taken dozens of times before. I was lucky and the recovery is going pretty well but I’ve been struggling with not being as strong and healthy as normal. I definitely know that feeling laying on the ground scared that you know something is wrong and fearing the worst. Your story has really helped me mate and you are a great role model, stay strong.

    • Nov 27 2015

      Hi Joe,

      Thanks for the message. I hope you keep on getting stronger and the recovery is going well. Definitely not the best feeling lying on that ground not being able to move. Cheers for the message mate, sorry for the late response

  5. Sep 12 2016

    You’re an inspiration Beau. I believe even unfortunately events happen for a reason an maybe yours is so that you can inspire and help others. Keep up the fantastic work attitude mate and don’t ever forget that your difference is the difference.

    • Nov 26 2016

      Thanks for the message Nathan. I’ve been told since early days that things happen for a reason, I believe it’s true, I’ll continue to strive to find that reason. Cheers mate.


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