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April 21, 2014


Striving to keep improving

by Beau Vernon

Im really happy with the way I have progressed in recent times, and I thought I would put some videos/posts up to show everyone how far I have come and to show other quadriplegics and people that work with quads in their rehabilitation how I go about things.
On the week end I got from the floor to my chair on my own for the first time (using the couch as a halfway point), 2 weeks ago I did my longest ride on the road in my hand cycle 30kms, on March the 1st I had the best day of my life and married the girl of my dreams, and over the last 6 months I have got my license, started kayaking, got rid of my leg bag/SPC and started doing self catheters, started working a couple of days a week whilst continuing my study. I’m also playing wheelchair rugby twice a week and am really enjoying playing a physical team sport again.
Don’t get me wrong, Life has massive challenges, but I’m writing this with a smile on my face.

I would also like to mention how I’m really feeling for 2 blokes and their families who have hurt their necks in recent weeks. James Mcquillan was playing country football and Alex Mckinnon hurt his neck playing rugby league.
The injuries have brought back bad memories for myself and I hope both blokes can see a lot of improvement in the first 6-12 weeks.

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  1. Evan Lowden
    Apr 21 2014

    Love getting updates on your progress. You are an inspiration to myself and many others. Thank you for continuing to share your stuff.

  2. Minnie stubbs
    Apr 21 2014

    You are amazing as well as inspirational. We love watching your videos so keep posting. Great job Beau xxx


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